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ai discovery saleseq Jun 28, 2024

Discovery calls need to focus on two main outcomes:

  1. Determine if the buyer has problems you can potentially solve.
  2. Understand the impacts or consequences of these problems being solved or not solved.

It's crucial that both you and the buyer understand these issues clearly. This requires the buyer to articulate their problems and impacts out loud. Relying on implied problems and impacts means you're skimming the surface or guessing. To truly connect, ask the right questions.


Using AI to Improve Discovery Calls:

AI can help analyze your success in identifying problems and impacts and in learning how to:

  • Identify problems you may have missed.
  • Develop questions for future calls to uncover problems and impacts.

How to Get Started:

  1. Paste your transcript into ChatGPT or similar AI tool. (You may need a paid version for full transcript analysis.)
  2. Identify Problems:
    • Ask: "Please tell me what problems the customer describes in this discovery call."
    • Review the AI's response to distinguish between explicitly stated and implied problems.
    • Follow up with: "Does the customer say all of those problems out loud?"
    • To focus on explicit issues, ask: "Please tell me only the problems that the customer said, not implied."
  3. Uncover Hidden Problems:
    • Ask: "What problems might this customer have that I didn't ask about?"
  4. Enhance Your Questioning Skills:
    • Ask: "What questions could I have asked to understand if the customer has these problems?"
  5. Identify Impacts:
    • Ask: "What are the impacts on the customer's business of not fixing these problems?"
    • Follow up with: "Only what the customer said, not implied."
  6. Improve Impact Recognition:
    • Ask: "What questions could I have asked to get the customer to recognize the impact of not solving these issues?"

By following these steps, you will gain a clear view of how effectively you identified problems and impacts during your discovery call, along with actionable questions for future calls.

 Watch the video for a demonstration of this using a real rep call and ChatGPT.

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