Mastering the Art of Sales Discovery β€” Podcast

active listening discovery saleseq Jun 11, 2024

Darren Mitchell had me on his podcast — The Exceptional Sales Leader — last week to talk about discovery.

Darren and I share a very similar view of selling as well as the profession of consulting, though from opposite sides of the world (Darren's in Melbourne, I'm in Massachusetts).

This conversation was a blast but what I liked so much about it applies to discovery itself and our selling emotional intelligence — or SalesEQ — and that's the art and science of learning about each other as humans and our businesses and to have a deep conversation, not a one-sided discussion.

I hope you'll listen. This long format gave us the time to go deeper into what discovery means as well as many other topics.

You can watch above or find Darren's podcast on all the streaming services including:

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