I offer sales strategy consulting, custom sales training, coaching and workshops. 

  • 1 hr

    Free Consultation
  • 1 hr

    Free Consultation
  • 1 hr

    Free Consultation

I provide an assessment of your current strategy and identify areas that can be transformed to provide the greatest results. My ability to understand the larger corporate goals as well as marketing and sales alignment makes me truly different than most consultancies.

I follow a consistent process for these engagements with the only commitment being through the assessment stage (or Findings).

Learn about our process on this page.


I believe that every business is unique and therefore your training must be designed to suit your specific needs. Once we understand your needs, we train your team to them.

Types of training available to you will result in:

  • Better conversations leading to more meetings and qualified opportunities

  • Consistent message and brand experience to the customer from marketing’s first touch through every sales interaction through Playbook development and training

  • Increasing key target account penetration through account-based marketing and sales (ABM)

  • Increasing MQL:SQL funnel velocity by aligning marketing and sales lead processes and technology usage (marketing automation and CRM)

  • Increasing rep meeting and closing effectiveness through call scoring, coaching, and training

We can also help you build more productive, revenue-generating and happier sales teams with better hiring methods, compensation models, mentorship, and culture


We realize sometimes all you need are some sales skills and a workshop will do the trick. Therefore we've packaged up some typical needs into workshops. Though we still ask for a little time to get to know your company so we can customize appropriately.

Workshops available in half-day, full-day and multiple-day sessions:

  • Prospecting for the busy and experienced account executive

  • Prospecting for new SDRs/BDRs

  • Cold calling

  • Leaving voicemail that gets call-backs

  • Cold email

  • Social selling

  • Salesforce basics

  • Salesforce advanced

  • Salesforce for managers

  • Account-based Marketing basics for sales and marketing managers that want to work together

  • How to coach sales reps (for managers)

  • Building a great sales team culture (for managers)

Individual modules

  • Time management

  • Sales process and why it matters

  • Account and contact targeting

  • Cold calling basics

  • Cold calling advanced

  • Dealing with Gatekeepers

  • Multi-touch sequences

  • Leaving good sales voicemail

  • Writing good sales email

  • Objection handling

  • Social selling basics

  • Using ZoomInfo, Salesforce and Google in the sales process

  • Salesforce training for SDRs

  • Salesforce training for Account Executives

  • Salesforce training for Managers

We're always adding or able to add new modules so don't hesitate to ask.