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Running Tests in Your Prospecting Sequences? Don't Forget to Go Big.

If you’re an SDR using sequencing technology (Outreach, Salesloft) you have the ability to test and test and test — from steps to subject lines to messages. Most teams using these tools run constant experiments making minor adjustments and small percentage improvements. This is great and pretty easy to do so keep it up.


There’s another kind of test. These are the more challenging tests to run. Entirely new methods and tactics. Going outside the norm. Going Big. These experiments can be almost anything: creating and sharing your own content (written, video), finding a prospect’s favorite band and getting an LP signed and sent to them, sending your grandma's jam recipe, wearing a sandwich board in the prospect's lobby saying, "take a meeting with me," — anything.

The point is these experiments could yield the results you’ve dreamed of and make your job a whole lot more fun. They could change the way you and your company prospect altogether. Don’t be afraid to try them. Of course they don’t need to be schticky like my examples above. They could be new systems, processes — anything.

When you try them, be sure to:

  1. Carve out 10-15% of your own time each day (lunch, early morning) to run the test (ensures you don’t miss your number using the current process).*

  2. Have a way to track results. If you’re a meeting setter, what % of meetings do you get per the new activity? Is it better than your standard way of doing things?

  3. Give it enough time to work. If you're testing content — on LinkedIn, personalized video in email, wearing a sandwich board — it may take time to build response and get to statistical significance. Plan for that.

*If your team's sequences or process are locked down by management, get permission to try these.

My go-to example of testing big new ideas is Ryan O’Hara and his team at LeadIQ. Check them out for some different prospecting methods.

It’d be great if YOU WOULD SHARE some examples of unusual prospecting methods that have yielded good results. PLEASE PUT IN THE COMMENTS so we can all learn from you.

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