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Here’s some career advice for you young people

To Do List: 1. 2. Work Hard!

Work hard. Sure, it sounds simple. In fact it is simple! But it’s not typical. You’ll stand out simply by working really hard.

Here’s your plan: show up early, be pleasant and bust your ass all day long. Take a short lunch and stay late. Most importantly, spend the day working as hard as you can. Stay focused, be efficient, and keep working.

Here’s a good way to tell if you’re doing this well: is anyone else in the building actually working harder than you? If so, make your goal to work harder than that person. If your friends or relatives appear to work harder than you, beat them at it.

If you’re doing this every day your boss is going to notice and in turn will want you to succeed and will help you succeed.

Hard work isn’t taught to employees. Most everything else can be (aside from the obvious stuff that you were hired for, of course). And companies are willing to teach but they’re more willing to teach to those that work hard.

In 1977, Woody Allen said, “Showing up is eighty percent of life.” So show up and work hard.

By the way, you better be reading this on your own time.

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