$475.00 USD


How to Cold Call for Beginners and Pros

Whether you're a novice in the world of cold calling or a seasoned expert, our comprehensive course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to secure more valuable meetings.

For those just starting out (Level 1), you'll acquire the essential tools and strategies to establish a strong foundation for your phone outreach.

As you gain experience or if you're already a seasoned pro (Level 2), this course will equip you with advanced techniques to master objection handling, enhance your qualification process, and ultimately boost your success rate in booking meetings.

What you'll get:

  • 41 lessons, quizzes, and exercises that teach you how to cold call.
  • Each step from preparation to booking the meeting broken down in easy-to-learn video format.
  • Dozens of real call recordings from reps around!
  • Certificate upon successful completion.

If you're new to cold calling, this course will build your confidence by helping you get past the fear with a simple methodology.

If — or when — you're experienced, this course will teach you how to next-level your skills.

What People Are Saying:

Tom Stearns’ cold calling course has been an imperative component of my success in tech sales. After graduating from college with limited understanding of cold calling, tech sales, and the niche industry my company was competing in, Tom nurtured me into becoming the highest performing SDR in my companies history. His understanding of tonality, people, and consultive approaches to sales allowed me to ramp up with confidence. Tom provides industry specific tips alongside general cold calling tactics which allows reps to have all the tools they need to book meetings and become an asset to their organization. With a kind approach, digestible material, and a well rounded understanding of cold calling, Tom Stearns is an asset to any team he works with.

Natalie Diamond, SDR, Resolver, A Kroll Business